About us

Volti di Pietra is a B&B located between Marche and Umbria, but for us is much more (read our stories on the blog).

Volti di Pietra is a B&B in progress. Country life always offers new surprises and new things to do and we’ll keep working to improve the bed&breakfast and make it better. For this reason, it’s possible that during your staying you will find us staring at the windows wondering if it’s time to renew the painting or not, or running around trying to keep weeds and brambles away. Anyway, don’t panic: it’ll be the proof that we are slowly learning all the secrets of the country life!

Volti di Pietra is a B&B with a peculiar name. We tell you the reasons of this choice on our blog.


You will be welcome by Serena, Luca and Marisa, a trio from other parts of Italy which discovered the Marche few years ago.

Serena: is the youngest, the one with the passion for responsible tourism and sustainability. She had the idea to run a B&B and breakfast is her favorite moment of the day.

Luca: Serena’s boyfriend, the one who accepted to follow her in this adventure. He’s the honorary brushcutter of the house (and we’re still wondering if he’s happy with this nomination!).

Marisa: the real landlady, she accepted to share part of the house. She helps Serena when it’s needed, otherwise you’ll find her around enjoying the place.