The ecological B&B

Volti di Pietra is a B&B which carea about the environment. It doesn’t have a green certification (yet), but we try to follow some sustainable rules to make it a “less impact B&B” in the everyday routines.

What do we do to make Volti di Pietra a greener B&B?

We set a list of goals and we soon discovered that sometimes intentions are easier than practice. To help us keep the goals firmly in sight in the face of practical problems, we share them here.

We will update the list, cross over what we’ve already achieved and add new targets, to let you see how we work to reach these goals.

separate waste collection: in our B&B you can find different bins for plastic, paper and glass. Please help us to throw the wast in the proper way!

reuse of paper: we’d like to reuse the paper to create new objects, such as placemats, cards, etc.

water saving: taps and shower are equipped with a flow reducer.

energy saving: we aim to use more than 50% of energy saving light bulbs. To avoid forgetting the lights on, every room has a microchip card: please remove it when you go out.

soaps: we have chosen not to use single-dose soaps, so we have put some dispencers for soap and shampoo in the bathrooms. The soaps and the shampoos are local-made and organic.

detergents: for ordinary cleaning we use sustainable detergents. When it is possible we buy them on tap and Ecolabeled.

solar panels: on the roof of our B&B there are 7 solar panels that will be used (we hope soon!) to warm the water we use in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. Also, some of this water is will be used to heat the rooms through the floor heating system.

breakfast: most of the the products used to prepare the food are local and preferably organic. The coffee is fairtrade and made by El Bosque.

riuse: we try to reuse used objects as much as possible, in order to avoid buying new things when not necessary.

painting: to refresh the walls and give a new life to some objects in the B&B we have used sustainable paints.

green hosting: our website is hosted by a company which has chosen to compensate its emissions through buying wind energy.

touristic promotion: we like the idea that responsible tourism is a promotion of the all surrounding and not only of our B&B. For this reason, we like to suggest places where our guest can enjoy great landscapes, eat good local food and discover local traditions.

virtuous networks: we are part of a brand new association of B&B and cottages owners which are interested in responsible tourism. The network is called ViviSostenibile.

Help us to be greener! Read some suggestion for your staying 😉

Do you have suggestions and advices? Please comment this entry or mail us at Thank you! :)


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  1. Simonetta December 29, 2012 11:15 am #

    Bellissima campagna,anche a Natale!Serena e Luca sono giovani e garbati,per niente invadenti e credo che il loro impegno,insieme alla buona volontà e alla bellezza del posto daranno i frutti che si aspettano.
    AUGURI di tutto cuore

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